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Nhiavue YLee HS*, Chisale SW, and Cabrera JS. 2022. Prioritization of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Electricity Generation and an Assessment of Floating Photovoltaic Potential in Lao PDR. Energies15(21), 8243. Open access


Lao PDR faces seasonal power supply problems due to its heavy reliance on hydropower. Thus, the aim of this paper was to prioritize renewable energy (RE) resources for sustainable electricity generation in Lao PDR using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method, and to further estimate the energy available for the prioritized RE to enhance the seasonal power supply. Four RE alternatives were assessed considering technological, economic, environmental, and social criteria with twelve overall sub-criteria. The results indicated that hydropower was the most highly prioritized alternative, followed by solar. The resulting weights of the RE prioritization were in agreement with the Lao energy policy and plan. In order to address the seasonal power supply problem, setting-up floating photovoltaic (FPV) units in the existing hydropower reservoirs was proposed. The FPV potential was estimated, and the results revealed that the predicted power demand by 2030, as calculated in the latest Lao national power development strategy, could be fully covered by integrating the FPV output from 10% coverage of the water surface in four existing hydropower reservoirs with the existing power supply in 2020. The proposed FPV technology would provide a solution to enhance the seasonal power supply and reduce the power import.