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Chisale SW and Lee HS*. 2023. Evaluation of Barriers and Solutions to Renewable Energy Acceleration in Malawi, Africa, using AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS approach. Energy Sustain Dev. 76: 101272. Open access

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Malawi’s access to electricity remains worrisome (15 %), forcing the government to rely on fossil fuels. Thus, renewable energy resources may be one of the best options. However, several barriers are impeding the development of renewable energy technologies. Therefore, this study identifies the six main barriers and nineteen sub-barriers to renewable energy acceleration in Malawi. The study also suggested solutions to these barriers. Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy Technique for Order Performance by Similarity to Ideal Solution (fuzzy TOPSIS) approaches were utilized for prioritization. The results indicated that the top two barriers include economic and political-governmental. Furthermore, the top two sub-barriers include lack of funding and high investment cost. Corruption and political commitment have also shown serious contributions to low uptake. Financial incentives, institutional coordination, and research and knowledge sharing are among the highly recommended solutions. This study could help policymakers incorporate necessary strategies when developing energy-related policies.