New publications

We have three new publications already this year by chess lab members. Many congratulations!!

  • Bhanage V, Lee HS, Cabrera J, Kubota T, Pradana RPFajary FR and Nimiya H. 2024. Identification of Optimal CMIP6 GCMs for Future Typical Meteorological Year in Major Cities of Indonesia using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Front. Environ. Sci. 12:1341807. Open access
  • Soto Calvo M, and Lee HS. 2024. Enhanced CEEMDAN with Superior Noise Handling Capabilities: A Robust Signal Decomposition Method for Power Systems Analysis. Eng. Rep. 2024;e12862. Open access
  • Aljber MLee HS, Jeong J-S, and Cabrera JS. 2024. Tsunami Inundation Modelling in a Built-in Coastal Environment with Adaptive Mesh Refinement: Onagawa Benchmark Test. J. Mar. Sci. Eng.12(1), 177. Open access