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Invited lecture at KISTI, Korea

  Date and Time : December 02, 2016 10:30 ~ 12:00 Title : 1. Development of a seamless inundation model with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) 2. HPC를 이용한 폭풍해일 예측방법의 전망 Presenter : Associate Prof. Han Soo Lee (IDEC, Hiroshima University) Venue: Korea…
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Ryuou Mount. Climbing !

Ryuou-zan climbing with CHESS Lab members. This activity will be a lab activity in the beginning of every semester.

The 337th IDEC seminar/The 81th Taoyaka seminar

  Date and Time : November 04, 2016 14:35 ~ 16:05 Title : “Beach Management and Background Erosion Control against Climate and Human-induced Changes” Presenter : Prof. Jung Lyul Lee (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea) Venue: IDEC201, IDEC,…
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CHESS Lab starts to play !

As of 5th October 2016, we have started our CHESS lab seminar for the second semester. Three new members joined from Philippines, Laos, and Mongolia. Hope everyone has fruitful and memorable times in Hiroshima and let’s make it. Takaishi Kun,…
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The 3rd UHI joint meeting

  Date and Time : July 11, 2016 Title : On the numerical experiments of global warming in Hanoi, Vietnam Presenter : Andhang, Dr. Kubota, Dr. Izuka, Dr. Han Soo Lee Venue: IDEC, Hiroshima University  

Invited lecture at University of Siegen, Germany

  Date and Time : July 6, 2016 08:30 ~ 10:00 Presenter : Dr. Han Soo Lee Title : “Impacts of tides on tsunami propagations due to potential Nankai Earthquake tsunami in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan“ Venue: Research Institute…
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Invited lecture at Inha University

  Date and Time : June 29, 2016 13:00 ~ 14:30 Presenter : Dr. Han Soo Lee Title : “Trend estimation of sea-level records using empirical mode decomposition and its variations“ Venue: College of Marine Science, Inha University, Korea

The 317th IDEC seminar/The 67th Taoyaka seminar

  Date and Time : May 18, 2016 16:20 ~ 17:50 Title : “A reconciled estimation of 20th centry global mean sea-level rise“ Presenter : Dr. Sönke Dangendorf (University of Siegen, Germany) Venue: IDEC204, IDEC, Hiroshima University